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tv   American Artifacts  CSPAN  September 1, 2014 12:55pm-1:01pm EDT

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you're watching american history tv, 48 hours of programming on merp history every weekend on c-span 3. follow us on twitter for information on our schedule, upcoming programs and to keep up with the latest history news. each week american art facts takes you to museums. up next, a visit to the theater roosevelt birthplace national historic site. >> his legacy still impacts us today, whether it be in a realm of conservation or federal regulation, trust busting or foreign policy which we don't debate whether it's good or bad here at the birthplace, to be honest. but the panama canal.
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so his vision for america, given his time, was extremely progressive. and it's something that i think affects everyone 95 years after his death. you know, i mean, there's still tons of documentaries, tons of books written about him because he was, as we like to say, endlessly fascinating and dynamic. he's a guy that overcomes the tragic death of his wife and mother to go on to achieve great things. that's a story that somehow never get boarrying. roosevelt refer to a library as gloomy respectability. fortunately horse hair wasn't comfortable for teddie. that's a huge misconception. people like to refer to him as
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teddy. >> he actually hated to be referred to as ted di. he accepted it at political rallies. as an adult he was referred to as the colonel. it's a great photograph. his total rough rider military time was equivalent to three months. but that was his preferred nickname. the home had all of the mod tern amenities that were available at this part of the 19th century. the pocket door is a great example of the roosevelt family business. that's a question we get. they were able to buy homes for each of their five homes. how did they make their money. i pays to get on the ground floor of anything in life and they were fortunate because they got on the ground floor of america. so by the time ted di is born in
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1858, they're well established socially and financially on the island of manhattan. originally they're in the hard away business and they get involved in exporting and importing very fine glass. from there the grandfather would break away from glass and get more involved in real estate, banking, financing. keep in mind t.r., sr. our president's dad was a wealthy gentleman who enjoyed spending the family's fortune instead of making it. the grandfather lived a little bit south of us on 14th street and broadway where is where this famous photograph is taken which you may have seen at another time. you have young teddie looking out of a second floor window at mt. abraham lincoln's funeral
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p procession. it's an iconic photograph. it's a big misconception that this photograph was take frn this house. you can see the street is wide. this is broadway and union square park in the background. president lincoln's body was laid in state own the steps of city hall in lower manhattan and from there traveled by horse and carriage to the next destination. but this is the funeral procession going north right past the grandfatherer's home and right past the future president of the united states, theodore roosevelt. > president nixon resigned 40 years ago on august 9th, 1974 in the aftermath of the watergate
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scandal. coming up, we take you live to the museum in washington, d.c. for a look back at the only presidential resignation in american history. this is about and hour and 15 minutes. >> you heard the name john erlich. when president nixon announced his aid's resignation. he had been a powerful man here in washington, one of richard nixon's two most trusted deputies. for his work in washington, he later served a year and a half in prison. and then moved to santa fe, new mexico, grew a beard and wrote three novels. when he was interviewed in 1982 about the tapes from the nixon presidency, he said he wished a team of historians would be able to listen to them in their entirety. and only then, not jusfr


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